Giving a woman the best orgasm

The skill men must learn to dominate in sex

“If a man can make a woman reach an ecstatic climax, that can be counted as the highest level of sex. The woman will love him intensely, and they will have a happy life.”

Serwer’s opening touched a nerve for Evan, and he felt he was being targeted. It was like a blow to his stomach.

Serwer elaborated. “Sex and happiness are inseparable. There’s no reason not to pursue them. Today, I will talk about how to take sex to the highest level!

“First, a man has to change the habit of hurried sex, in which he touches the breasts and vagina until the vagina is slightly wet and he puts his dick inside. This kind of old-fashioned sex only scratches the surface. Women don’t like it, nor do they enjoy it.

“A woman is covered with erogenous zones from head to toe, not just on her breasts or vagina. Many potential erogenous zones are overlooked. By waking them up, you can set in motion a woman’s deepest sensual pleasures, making her enjoy a heavenly climax she has never experienced before and thus giving her real satisfaction.

“To awaken a woman’s erogenous zones, one has to realize that sexual stimulation comes from the mind and is controlled by the brain; not all stimulation arises from touch.

“Take the example of seeing a gynecologist. A woman does not feel any pleasure when touched by a doctor. But when she is touched by her lover, she feels good all over. The same touch can cause different reactions. It proves that pleasure comes from the mind, not from the body.

“Therefore, the key to taking women to heaven through sex is to stimulate their minds, making them feel good and want more sex.

“Now we know that the mind controls the sensation, it explains why some people have issues of premature ejaculation. Their minds are too sensitive and too susceptible to stimulation.

“When women’s brains are stimulated and their erogenous zones awakened, the explosive climax feels like a life-and-death phenomenon. The reactions—wriggling, trembling, eyes rolling, losing consciousness, panting, screaming—are different from those associated with a regular climax, in which a woman simply lets out a couple of moans. Only a person who has experienced the first kind of climax will understand the real meaning of an enraptured orgasm.

“Most men don’t know the tricks and are therefore unable to pleasure their partners. Even when there are occasional orgasms, they do not reach the peak. In most cases, women are already quite bored with the same old tricks and just want to get the sex over with. They pretend to climax so as not to hurt the man’s feelings or ruin the mood.

“Therefore, there are no frigid women, only women who are mentally unstimulated. Once you know the tricks, a woman can scream her head off from the orgasm.

“The erogenous zones that cover women’s bodies from head to toe have different characteristics and produce distinct pleasures. Some are light, some are gentle, some are deep, and some are quite intense.

“To awaken these zones and lead a woman’s mentality into sensitivity, one has to erase the ‘sex is shameful’ idea from her mind and rid her mind of any thoughts of reservation.

“To achieve that, one has to praise the woman constantly and build an intimate relationship with her. You have to make her feel loved, and the feeling will lead to desire. Then she will feel the man’s tenderness and love, which will increase her libido. That is the difference between a woman and a man. Creating a romantic atmosphere, talking flirtatiously before sex, and immersing her in the vibe of excitement and seduction—these will unlock her inhibition and make her want to make love.

“Once the atmosphere is created, remove her clothes slowly and then start arousing her erogenous zones by massaging her body. The slow, continuous massage will turn the physical stimulation into mental arousal, bring out her subconscious desire, disarm her, and rid her of the feelings of restraint and shame.

“The continuous massage will intensify her feeling of pleasure and enhance her ability to receive sexual stimuli. Her erogenous zones will become more sensitive and receptive, consequently making her more lascivious. Upon seeing that, the man will get aroused and excited, and the woman will respond to the man’s lust by feeling even more lustful. This creates a cycle of desire that transports the couple to a state of uncontrollable excitement, and they then engage in the intercourse that will bring them to ecstasy. The heavenly orgasm in which the partners melt into each other is the highest level of sex.

“The key to a woman’s ability to enjoy sex lies in her ability to feel pleasure more intensely. Focus on each erogenous zone and work on stimulating it; only by doing so will you unlock the door to a woman’s true excitement. Casual or hasty massages will not do the trick at all.

“Foreplay is not entirely for women. It is also for men. When you invest enough time and energy in foreplay, a woman will reach climax quickly. The sex is actually much easier.”

Evan felt enlightened upon hearing this speech. He had made a huge leap in understanding the truth about sex.

Serwer shifted to the next topic. “The skill of giving a continuous, stimulating massage during sex is the key to awakening the erogenous zones and leading the mind to sensitivity.

“The woman lies on her belly naked. The man uses his index, middle, and ring fingers to touch her skin with a light, circular motion. The motion should be as slow as possible, covering about one inch every second.

“Start with the hair. This activates the switch in the brain that responds to gentle stimulation, making the woman feel loved.

“Move on to the neck, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, and fingertips, and then move to the armpits, abdomen, back, waist, and hips. Go from the hips to the toes, legs, to thighs. Next, turn the woman on her back; massage her face, jawline, lips, and cheeks, heightening her sensitivity. After massaging her neck, breasts, belly, pubic mound, legs, and inner thighs, move to her crotch. Leaving the nipples and pussy untouched until the end of the massage will make the woman anxious and thus enhance her excitement. Massage each erogenous zone for one to three minutes, depending on her reactions.

“A woman’s sensuality arises slowly; do not stimulate it too vigorously right off the bat. Otherwise, she will not feel pleasure but only discomfort.

“When focusing on the breasts, abdomen, hips, and perineum, use the middle and ring fingers to press gently on the skin and rub them in a regular motion. When touching the pelvis and tailbone, use the palm to exert pressure.

“This gentle, carefully paced massage will arouse each erogenous zone; the woman’s hidden promiscuity will awaken and excite her. Now, lick the nipples, and when the woman moans, suck on them; at the same time, rub the clitoris to intensify the pleasure.

“The neurons of the erogenous zones could connect and accumulate multiple stimuli. The more they accumulate, the more pleasure the woman will experience.

“Therefore, when you put in the effort and practice patience, a shy woman will become wild and bold. An arrogant woman will moan horny words and beg. An elegant woman will be promiscuous. All of them will be turned into horny cougars, and those who think love is more important than sex will be enlightened overnight and change their views of sex completely.

“When touching a woman’s pussy, keep it light, gentle, and consistent even when a woman is already excited. Increase the frequency and intensity only just before she reaches orgasm.

“Keep the woman at the edge of climax until she can’t stand the pleasure any longer and explodes into ecstasy. That is the most unforgettable orgasm.

“When rubbing the clitoris, the hand position is also important. Use the left index and middle fingers to hold the skin of the clitoris, part the fingers slightly to reveal the clitoris. Support your hand by placing the right palm on the woman’s inner thigh, which allows you ton rub the most sensitive tip of the clitoris with the right middle fingertip. Then, gently rub the thigh with the right palm to create a motion of stroking. That is the correct hand position for pleasuring the clitoris.

“The speed of the stroke can change. One can also change from stroking to pressing. Wait until the massaging gets so arousing that the woman starts begging—the man can then penetrate her with his penis.

“A woman’s breasts, vagina, and uterus are responsible for different aspects of giving birth. Only the clitoris has nothing to do with birth. Legend has it that the creator gave women the clitoris as a gift to reward them for the hard labor of giving birth. Therefore, its sensitivity to pleasure is stronger than that of the vagina, uterus, or breasts.

The word clitoris comes from ancient Greek. It means “key.” This means the ancients treated it as the most important erogenous zone. Therefore, one should make the best of it, so as not to waste this wonderful creation.

“Before inserting the penis, rub the labia to tease her—don’t put the dick in right away. The teasing will create a hunger in her brain, intensifying the pleasure she feels when you enter her. After penetration, pause for a second and then start the stroking; pausing can also increase the pleasure.

“Avoid intense stroking, which will only make the man ejaculate too quickly.

“Men and women experience sexual excitement differently. A man can get excited quickly like striking up a match, and the fire is extinguished immediately after ejaculation. A woman’s excitement is more like a bonfire; it takes some time and effort to get it to burn fully. Once her excitement reaches a full blaze, it is hard to extinguish, but it is just about to begin. Therefore, ideal sex involves devoting thirty, forty, even fifty minutes to awaking the woman’s erogenous zones, waiting until both partners reach a boiling point, and only then starting the process of intercourse. That way, both can enjoy the feeling of reaching the blazing orgasm. A man should not treat ejaculation as the end goal. It should be the reward for the effort he puts into the woman’s pleasure.

“A good rule of thumb is to stop the stroking when a woman is about to climax. Just keep your dick inserted without any movement. If you continue pounding, that will actually prevent her from climaxing.

“The highest level of sex for a man is to enjoy the process of a woman’s experience of sexual pleasure. It is wonderful to watch her reactions when massaging her erogenous zones. Devote an hour to massaging her slowly and then let the feelings of pleasure build until she explodes with euphoria; that is the most amazing sex.

“Changing your mindset from ‘making her come’ to ‘making her feel good’ will result in the best approach to sex. It is only by making this mental shift that you can send a woman to the peak of an unforgettable orgasm. Hasty and casual sex leaves nothing but a blank inside a woman’s mind.

“Women are made to be cherished. That is why the female body has more erogenous zones than the male body. Don’t take sex for granted or assume it’s a simple thing. And don’t be lazy. A man’s laziness will lead only to a woman’s grudge, and the building of a grudge will make her explode only with frustration.

“Treat your woman preciously and enjoy her beautiful look when she experiences sexual pleasure. Make her open up her body and mind to you, take her to the deepest world of sensual pleasure; she will feel good and climax easily, and you can make her reach a life-and-death orgasm anytime you want. When she feels good, she will flirt with and throw herself at you even when you don’t make the first move.

“The sex process I have described is called affectionate sex. You could also call it foreplay massage or sensual massage. The more you practice, the better you will become. As long as you put in the time and effort to hone your skills, you don’t have to be a sex guru to take a woman to cloud nine.

“Affectionate sex brings happiness not only to the body but also to the soul. The origin of happiness, it is vital to your physical and mental health. Do not overlook it.”

Even though Evan was recording the entire lecture, he hung on Serwer’s every word. He was especially emotional due to his experience with Penny.

Serwer continued. “During my adolescence, the sex I had was full of passion, ignorance, and hastiness. Every time I had sex, it was purely adrenaline driven, and I knew nothing about affectionate sex. It was only after I grew older and gained more experience and maturity that I started to hone my skills. I discovered the balance between mind and body, and I then realized that pleasure comes not from stamina but from imagination and affection. You will one day reach this realization. Remember, passionate sex is only temporary, it never lasts long.

“Sex is the manifestation of love. It is only when two hearts long for and understand each other that you can attain happiness. And that happiness will improve the quality of your life and help you succeed in your career.

“I hope this seminar helps everyone understand the real meaning of sex. Thank you.”

When Serwer finished, the audience applauded enthusiastically. His charming and confident manner on stage was very attractive to Yoko and her classmates. Evan felt like the lecture had transformed him into a real adult.

As the audience discussed the talk, words of praise could be heard here and there. The seminar had transitioned into the Q-and-A session.

A young man asked, “Professor Serwer, how do you understand the difference between sex and love?”

Serwer answered, “Like other animals, humans have a basic instinct and desire for sex. The best combination is having both sex and love; it allows couples to stay together for a lifetime. If there’s only love but no sex, the partnership will be brief. Rather, one should pursue sexual union first and discover love throughout the process. As long as both parties are happy, having sex before love is not a big deal. Once their sexual desire is satisfied, the partners can consider the topic of love.”

A young professional asked, “Should sex be liberated?”

Serwer replied, “In ancient times, people enjoyed sexual freedom. It was common to have orgies after a sacrifice. During the ages of monarchy and theocracy, the aggressors and demonized and suppressed sex. But like food, sex is a basic human need. I think proper regulations after the liberation is not necessarily a bad thing.”

A woman asked, “How should a woman respond when having sex?”

He responded, “It’s better to play hard to get. This will excite the man. A woman should not remove her own clothes; that would take away the man’s pleasure of stripping her. And she doesn’t need to be too aggressive, but just to respond naturally instead of lying there like a dead fish. Don’t hold back any moaning. The moaning will excite the man.”

A professional asked, “How does one adapt to affectionate sex if one is used to quickies?”

Serwer answered, “It may take a while to get used to. It is like asking a person who is used to eating a lot of spicy food to try something lightly flavored. He might find the food insipid at first. It will take some time for his palate to adjust, but he will eventually enjoy the wonderful taste of the food’s original flavors.”

Another student asked, “To prevent premature ejaculation, some people advise holding a contraction between the anus and testicles. Is that legit?”

Serwer said, “I’ve heard this, too. But I haven’t done any research on it, so I can’t give you a straight answer. But the advice is certainly worth discussing.”

A man asked, “How often should one make love?”

Serwer replied, “If the genitals are not stimulated regularly, they will be degenerate, and the blood vessels will atrophy. The Royal Edinburgh Hospital of England has done research on this issue. It discovered that people who have sex regularly look seven years younger than people who don’t have sex or have sex only occasionally. People who have sex more than twice a week are fifty percent less likely to die from diseases than people who don’t have sex or have sex rarely. Therefore, sex promotes health. As to how often one should have sex, it depends on the individual’s situation and physical condition. If a person is prone to premature ejaculation, it is helpful to have sex every day to lower the excitement of sex and thereby increase its duration. Also, animals feel the need for sex only during mating season, but humans can feel sexual desire year-round. That is something God gave to humans to keep us healthy and functional. Making love is aligned with human physiology; it is okay to have sex as often as you want.”

The seven graduates were still young and inexperienced regarding rex, they understood only a little of the abundant information. Exposed to the sensual and liberal part of France, they were sexually enlightened and felt like they were suddenly matured into adults. What effect would this seminar have on them? Continue reading to find out more!

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